Missouri State University

IRB Human Subjects Training



Human Subjects CITI Training

All faculty, staff, and students involved in the design, collection and/or analysis of data in projects involving human participants must complete the online training through CITI.  The Certificate of Completion available at the completion of the training module is to be printed out and submitted with the application to the IRB.  The IRB also requires that all investigators complete a refresher course every 3 years.

HIPAA Training

If the proposed research involves protected health information (PHI), researchers also must certify completion of the training required under the MSU HIPAA policy. 


To reprint your CITI Human Subjects Training certificate, please login to your CITI account.

Researchers needing a copy of their Human Subjects Training from NIH's Human Subjects training module (used prior to July 1, 2006) can call our office at 836-5972 or 836-4132.


  1. Go to: https://www.citiprogram.org/
  2. For new users, click “Register Here”   (Returning Users can logon using existing name and password)
  3. Under Number 1, Participating Institutions, choose “Missouri State University.”
  4. Under Number 2, choose a Username and Password, following the guidelines provided.
  5. Under Number 3, make a Security Question with an answer.
  6. Under Number 4, Enter your First and Last Name (MSU prefers you do not use nicknames for ease of contact).
  7. Under Number 5, Enter your Preferred Email Address (MSU prefers you use your MSU email for ease of contact).
  8. Under Numbers 6-8 , Click "no."
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Fill out the Member Information required with an asterisk (*).
  11. Click Submit.
  12. On the Select Curriculum Page, under Question 1 - Human Subjects Protection, click " Social & Behavioral Research" or "Biomedical Research" (whichever is more appropriate to your research activities) 
  13. Under Question 2, choose whether or not you have ever completed a Basic Course. If you have not completed a Basic Course, choose: "I have not previously completed an approved Basic Course."  If you have completed a Basic Course and need Refresher training, choose your appropriate group – Social & Behavioral OR Biomedical. (Please note that the ORC MUST have a copy of your previously completed training.)
  14. Ignore all other questions regarding curriculum.
  15. Click Continue.
  16. On the Select your institution page, Choose NO, to continue with your current selection.
  17. You should now be at the “Main Menu” and you should see your name and member ID at the top of the page.
  18. Under the Missouri State University section, you will see “My Courses.”
  19. Choose the course you would like to view by clicking “Not Started – Enter” beside your desired course.
  20. Under Elective Modules, click “The Integrity Assurance Statement” to begin.
  21. Select the appropriate statement and the click submit.
  22. You may then click on the next module to view the training.  After completing each quiz for each module, the next module will appear as a hotlink.  Continue through all the modules.
  23. Please note that you can log out at anytime, and then re-enter at the point where you left.  Users are encouraged to logout when they have completed a module, rather than within a module.
  24. When all modules have been completed, the Missouri State University link at the bottom will take you to your completion certificate.  Print a copy to submit with your IRB application and a copy for your own records.