Funding Opportunities


Three ways to access:
  1. IP Access: From any on-campus computer, a user can go right to PIVOT. PIVOT recognizes the MSU network, so you can start searching the database right away.
  2. Username & Password (*Recommended*): You can log into PIVOT with a Pivot username and password anytime, anywhere. By having a PIVOT account, you can save funding opportunity searches and PIVOT will suggest potential funding opportunities for you based on your profile. Go to PIVOT and click "signup".
  3.  Start your search right here, right now! From any on-campus computer.


GRC recognizes the MSU network, so click "login" from any on-campus computer.
To receive emails with targeted funding opportunities:
  • Go to GRC
  • Click Login from any on-campus computer
  • Click GrantSearch
  • Enter your email address and choose Manage My Alerts
  • Choose Subjects, Activities, etc. to customize your alert
  • Choose Save Alert


Search for funding opportunities from private entities, such as foundations. Please come to our office (Carrington 405) to search, or submit your search request via email to your ORA Representative, using theFoundation Search Form.