Central Animal Management


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Vivarium Per Diems (FY 17)

Animal - Per Diem Internally Funded Externally Funded
Mouse * .60 /cage/day
Mouse - High Barrier * 1.18 /cage/day
Mouse - Breeding * 1.04 /cage/day
Mouse - Breeding High Barrier * 1.32 /cage/day
Rat * .81 /cage/day
Rat - Breeding * 1.23 /cage/day
Specialized Room Usage
Surgical Room * 1.10 /hour
Procedure Room * .20 /hour
Surgical Room - Per Use * 6.95 /room/use
Procedure Room - Per Use * 4.17 /room/use
Additional Fees
Animal Technician 16.67 /hour 16.67 /hour
Attending Veterinarian * 80.74 /hour
Ordering Charge 31.08 /order 31.08 /order
Specialized purchases Cost /item Cost /item

The listed per diem rates are for fiscal year 2018. These rates are subject to change; therefore, an inflationary rate of 2% for each consecutive year of the project is suggested.

*For fiscal year 2018, the University has agreed to subsidize per diem rates for internally funded projects ($10,000 cap). Specialized services will still be charged accordingly.

Central Management Breeding Colony

A Sprague Dawley rat breeding colony is kept by Central Management and animals are available for purchase. For information contact Allison Overmyer (417-836-8405) or AllisonOvermyer@missouristate.edu.

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