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Cayuse IRB

The Cayuse Institutional Review Board (IRB) module is an easy-to-use system for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing human subjects research studies for IRB approval.

Help and support can be found here, by calling the ORA at 417-836-5972, or by emailing irb@missouristate.edu.

Cayuse IACUC

The Cayuse Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) module is a system for electronically preparing and submitting animal research studies for IACUC approval.

Help and support can be found by calling Allison Overmyer at 417-836-8405 or by emailing IACUC@missouristate.edu .


Cayuse 424

Cayuse 424 is the proposal development and submission software adopted by the Office of Research Administration to assist with streamlining the proposal process. It will be used to create all new proposals whether the PI prefers to create and submit on their own, or have their ORA Representative assist them.

Cayuse 424 boasts full support for over 98% of Grants.gov funding opportunities, allowing direct submission for grants posted by NIH, NSF, AHRQ, CDC, NIFA, ONR, and others. Cayuse also uses an advanced validation engine that cuts development time and improves first-time submission success rates. During proposal development you will witness real-time error checking based on the agency and opportunity specific rules, Grants.gov validations, and other business rules. You can instantly zoom in on a specific error or warning, allowing you to resolve issues quickly.

Cayuse 424 Training

Contact your ORA Representative to schedule one-on-one or departmental training. Also for your convenience we have training modules that cover the basics:

  1. Desktop Readiness
  2. Introduction
  3. Funding Opportunities
  4. Proposal Creation
  5. Developing Your Proposal
  6. Proposal Budgets
  7. Subawards
  8. Attaching Documents
  9. Proposal Approval Routing


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