Preparing a Proposal

External funding is an integral part of today's University environment. The Office of Research Administration (ORA) aids faculty and staff members from all University units in identifying, obtaining and managing the funding needed to support their research, scholarship, and service pursuits.

The ORA can assist with any host of pre-award processes in support of garnering external funds, including assistance with budget preparation questions, project/proposal development, cost share recommendations, and submission of the completed proposal.

The following steps should be taken by investigators to facilitate the proper processing of all proposals

Contact us early in the proposal preparation process and provide the necessary programmatic information regarding the funding opportunity to facilitate a flawless submission.

Developing a budget is critical when preparing your proposal. We have a few tips on how to make a good one. Make sure you provide your budgetary information to your ORA Representative for review. This will ensure that last minute changes will not be requested at the submission time of the proposal.

Complete the Internal Approval Form and send it to your ORA representative, along with your completed proposal, for review.

Provide completed proposal materials to your ORA Representative at least 3 business days prior to the submission deadline. This ensures that there will be sufficient time to review the proposal for completeness and compliance with University, regulatory, and sponsor guidelines.

We have assistance available to investigators to further their research, educational, or service goals that will be externally funded.