Submitting Your Proposal

All proposals for external funding must be submitted through the Office of Research Administration.  Please contact your ORA Representative as soon as you know the due date of your proposal, so we can be prepared to review and submit your proposal.  

We should receive your completed proposal at least 48 hours in advance of the submission deadline, in order to have sufficient time to review the proposal for the proper approvals, to be sure that it meets University and Sponsor requirements, and to make any necessary corrections or changes.  

The following should be submitted to the ORA:

  • A copy of the completed proposal
  • The Internal Approval Form, routed and signed by all individuals necessary to approve the content of the proposal
  • A copy or link to the Request for Proposal (RFP, or application instructions)
  • If you are submitting to NIH, NSF or a PHS sponsor you will need to include a Conflict of Interest Form
  • If you are requesting a waiver or decrease to the amount of Indirect Costs collected on the project you will need to provide an Indirect Cost Waiver Form