Occupational Health and Safety Program

In accordance with federal regulations and the University policy, all covered persons are required to enroll in the Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) or provide certification that they are participants in a similar program at their home institution. Persons are also supposed to re-enroll into the program on a yearly basis to ensure risk assessments are up-to-date. Covered persons include: faculty, staff, students, and bona fide volunteers who will be working with or have a reasonable expectation of exposure to animal tissues, fluids, secretions and/or excretions (collectively referred to as “exposure to animals”) while involved in research and/or education projects at on or off-campus locations.


The Hazard Evaluation Form below is intended to be filled out by the supervisor. The supervisor should then discuss the form with the covered person, both should sign the form, and then submit it to the ORA.


Hazard Assessment Information can be found below. This information is intended to provide the covered person with supplemental information regarding risks that may be encountered while conducting their work.